Partner Organizations

Organizations that we work closely with in Malta and abroad

Third World Group

The Third World Group is a national voluntary non-governmental and not for profit organization based in Malta that is committed towards Third World issues and people who live in "depressed" areas in Malta and abroad.

TWG supports volunteers to go and work within homes run by the Sister’s of Charity all over the world. The group has organised summer camps in Palermo and Reggio Calabria (Italy), London (England), Cairo, Alexandria and Moquattam (Egypt), and Jimma and Alamatta (Ethiopia), to help emarginated people, children coming from families with social problems, and sick and hospitalised persons.

Third World Group Website


Inizjamed is a voluntary non-governmental cultural organization founded in 1998 in Malta that is committed towards the regeneration of culture and artistic expression in the Maltese Islands and actively promotes a greater awareness of the cultures of the Mediterranean. Inizjamed is a secular, non-partisan organization that acknowledges that every generation must seek to create its own language and both respond to realities of its day and look beyond them.

Inizjamed Website


Kopin (Koperazzjoni Internazzjonali) is a voluntary organisation based in Malta which works in the field of North-South cooperation. Kopin was launched in public during a seminar on "The Policies of the European Union with regards to North South Cooperation" held on 24 June, 2000. Although Kopin is not bound to any other organisation it has good relations with a number of Maltese and foreign organisations. Kopin is a member of the Forum for Justice and Cooperation and a founding member of the National Platform of Maltese NGDOs.

Kopin Website

Pangea-Niente Troppo

Pangea-Niente Troppo is a not for profit social cooperative, whose objective is to use Fair Trade and ethical financing as a means to guard human rights. Pangea operates in Rome, from where it administer four World Shop, businesses that specialize in Fair Trade products and promotes ideas and information relating to sustainable development, social justice and ethical consumption.

Pangea-Niente Troppo Website

CTM Altromercato

The Ctm altromercato Consortium is the principal organization of fair and supportive trade in Italy and it is the second one on the world level. Made out of 130 associations and cooperatives that manage 350 World Shops (called Botteghe del Mondo) in Italy and 3 abroad, Ctm altromercato is currently a guiding subject, on the national and international levels, in the promotion and realization of initiatives of supportive economy and the self development of the peoples, mainly farmers and crafters in the South of the world.

CTM Altromercato Website

During the years we have been invited to participate in events organized by Gaia Foundation, Moviment Graffitti, Koperattiva Rurali Manikata, Zminijietna, JRS Malta and Migrant Solidarity Movement.

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