(Fair and Responsible Action in Mediterranean Area)

Overall objective

to improve living and working conditions for marginalised farmers and artisans especially in the MPCs through an increased awareness of the target groups on the Barcelona process and on the Fair Trade, Responsible Tourism, responsible consumption and cultural exchanges as concrete instruments for the promotion of the MSSD.

Target groups

European citizens and consumers: because everyone with his/her own daily behaviour can have a relevant impact on the living and working conditions of farmers and artisans living on the other shore of the Mediterranean.

Students and young people: they will be targeted both as citizens and as future decision makers within the European Union.

Volunteers and activists: for being crucial actors able to assure a multiplier effect to the project.

Youth Information Centres (YICs) in Europe: for their capacity to reach a great number of young people and for their active role in the promotion of cultural exchanges, youth activities and events.

Local Authorities and other political institutions: for their crucial role in increasing the awareness of their citizens with their good example.

Policy makers at the European level: for their capacity to set up the agenda and to discuss topics that will be discussed later at national and local level

Media: for their crucial role in mobilizing public opinion.

The project

The project started on the 1st June 2009 and it will end on the 31st May 2012.

It is cofinanced by the European Commission – EuropeAid Office (DCI-NSA ED/2008/153-590)


Consorzio CTM Altromercato (Italy) www.altromercato.it

ViaggieMiraggi (Italy) www.viaggiemiraggi.org

Pangea-NienteTroppo (Italy) www.commercioequo.org

Koperattiva Kummerc Gust (Malta) www.l-arka.org

Fair Trade Hellas (Greece) www.fairtrade.gr

Equação (Portugal) www.equacao.comercio-justo.org

Humanitas (Slovenia) www.humanitas.si

Ideas (Spain) www.ideas.coop

Specific objectives

  1. To strengthen the Mediterranean as a Geographical focus for the Fair Trade and Responsible Tourism movement, in particular to take into consideration the anticipated changes that the establishment of the free trade area in the EuroMed zone will bring about.
  2. To raise the awareness on the potential of Fair Trade as contributing to “cooperation for the best” as opposed to “competition for the cheapest”, to support the well-being of marginalized workers and the protection of the environment and to valorise local production in particular the development of organic small scale production in the EMFTA.
  3. To promote Responsible Tourism principles, in particular within the context of fostering cultural interaction and mutual knowledge between the two shores of the Mediterranean Sea and of preserving local agricultural production and rural landscapes.


Elisa Dolci - Consorzio CTM Altromercato (Italy)


tel. 0039 045 8008081

Enrico De Luca - ViaggieMiraggi (Italy)


tel. 0039 049 8751997

Claudia Piacenza - Pangea-NienteTroppo (Italy)


tel. 0039 06 44 29 08 15

Mahira Sheikh - Koperattiva Kummerc Gust (Malta)


tel. 00356 21315562

Eleni Stamouli - Fair Trade Hellas (Greece)


tel. 0030 210 3614070

Miguel Pinto - Equação (Portugal)


tel. 00351 255001011

Eva Marn - Humanitas (Slovenia)


tel. 00386 1 430 0343

Marta Mangrané - Ideas (Spain)


tel. 0034 957191281