European Voluntary Service (Erasmus+) in Portugal with Aventura Marão Clube (AMC)

European Voluntary Service in Portugal with Aventura Marão Clube (AMC)

An opportunity for 1 youth (age 18 to 30) from Malta interested in joining a team of volunteers from Malta in Portgual with Aventura Marão Clube (www.aventuramaraoclube.com) from April/May 2016 onwards through European Voluntary Service has arisen.

AMC is a voluntary organisation engaged in youth work which holding activities in the fields of Fair Trade, Development Education and Organic Farming. Working methods are based on non-formal education, active participation and learning by doing. Volunteers will use several methods of non-formal education during their tasks: brainstorming, round tables, work in small groups and plenary presentation, production of multimedia material (photo and video), exhibitions, energizers, role-plays, simulations, activities from COMPASS (Manual for Human Rights Education with young people), sports and outdoor activities, guided visits, etc..

Activities include:

  1. Participate in activities promoting cultural and environmental heritage of the region Amarante level through cooperation with other local organizations / associations;
  2. Support organic and biodynamic producers in the region (in partnership logic that the AMC has for several years with various producers connected to AGRIDIN - Professional Association for the Development of Organic Farming and Biodynamic). Tasks can pass: collect produce from the land, greenhouses, trees, pulling weeds, producing aromatic and medicinal herbs, promote local organic products and help in organizing a weekly Friday BIO and FAIR (sale of organic products and Fair Trade);
  3. Work in the promotion of the "arts space", contributing to the planning, organization and dissemination of activities in the fields of music, dance, visual arts, drama, photography, etc., through courses, workshops, exhibitions and workshops;
  4. Collaborate in the development of activities related to environmental conservation and sustainability in particular reuse / recycle household waste (workshops, etc.) and organic garden space that aims to raise awareness of the benefits of organic farming for healthy eating and the environment;
  5. Support the organization of briefings and awareness about volunteering in schools;
  6. Assist in the preparation of applications for national and international levels as well as the organization and dissemination of various projects undertaken by the Youth House of Amarante. These programs are intended to promote mobility and the active participation of young people by supporting their initiatives, the Exchanges and International Work Camps (usually organized in conjunction with some of the local partners);
  7. Assist in streamlining and activity bar is a privileged space for socializing and can actively participate in organizing gatherings, themed events, small concerts, games, etc. .. You will also have the opportunity to support the reception and tasks related the dynamic accommodation that Casa Youth Amarante intends to offer;

In addition to these activities, the EVS volunteer will collaborate sporadically planned in the remaining sections of the AMC (mountain biking, canoeing and Fair Trade) activities.

For further information please consult the information pack and write to us on info@l-arka.org

Project is open till Jan 2017 however we favour applicants who are interested in starting in December 2015 - February 2016.

This project has its unique Facebook page which we encourage you to like and be kept abreast with the developments in the project.