Our organization is unique, locally.

Since the beginning we have only been able to run our campaigns thanks to both local and international volunteers who got inspired by our projects.

Currently our main fields of activity are:

  • Organizing public events, such as the WorldFest and Taste The World
  • Publish educational material about poverty in the developing countries
  • Organize activities in schools and with youth groups
  • Running the Fair Trade shop (il-Ħanut l-Arka)
  • Campaign for Change with Politicians and the General Public

We are always looking for new volunteers.

The only thing we ask is that you:

Have a big heart for the world

To swim along against the stream

Age: not important

Diplomas: no objection

Number of vacancies: unlimited

We offer:

A permanent appointment, new friendships, a surprising journey, a home.

Do you have a few hours each week or month to work in the shop? Could you helps in the office or help us in organizing events?

If yes send us an email on infol-arka.org

or phone us at il-Ħanut l-Arka (Tel: +356 21244865)

Foreign Volunteers can work with us through the European Voluntary Service Programme (EVS). Maltese Sixth Form Students can perform their Systems of Knowledge Project with us.

What is European Voluntary Service (EVS)?

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) offers everyone between 16 and 30 years old the possibility to work as a volunteer for maximum 12 months in a European country. You are not paid, but you get board and lodging and pocket money.

When you want to work as a volunteer, you need a sending organisation in your home country. At the EVS agency, you can get information about projects in Europe which still need volunteers.

When you go abroad as a volunteer, you get training before as well as during your stay.

There are no costs for the volunteer when going abroad.

European voluntary service is based on two simple ideas. On the one hand, it offers young people the opportunity to spend a period in another country and to get involved in a local project as a volunteer and, on the other hand, it also allows a wide range of different organisations to work together and build European partnerships by exchanging volunteers.

The cooperative is currently registered as a hosting organisation, and as a sending organisation, and we can offer placements between 6 months and 1 year.

View our project description, and contact us if you're interested in doing EVS with us.

Or, visit the European Union EVS website for more general details on the programme.

Systems of Knowledge Project

Maltese students doing their Systems of Knowledge (SoK) studies at sixth form, can opt to perform their SoK project with our organisation. The project consists in doing a number of hours on a weekly basis with the objective of learning about our organization and writing a report of how to improve the organisation.

If you are interested in doing your Systems of Knowledge project with our organisation contact the Systems of Knowledge coordinator at your school asking him to perform your project with our organisation. For further information about this project kindly contact us.

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