El Renacer Chalateco

The Artisan Association of Chalatenango has 90 members, 90% of whom are women. The people of Chalatenango, a mountainous area in the northeastern corner of El Salvador, suffered great losses during the civil war of the '80's but have great hopes for the future. The name of their craft shop reflects that hope- Tienda de Artesania "El Renacer Chalateco," which is Spanish for "A New Beginning in Chalatenango." Chalatecan artisans in about 19 family workshops in the villages of Guarjila, San Antonio los Ranchos, Arcatao, El Jardin, La Palma, La Ceiba, and La Laguna are making painted wooden products, clothing, woven textiles, seed paintings, hammocks, leatherwork and cornhusk products.


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