Il-Partners tal-Progett

Project leader:

Coop. Soc. Pangea-Niente Troppo, Rome, Italy Since 1991, Pangea-Niente Troppo is a no profit grassroots organization, run by professionals and volunteers. Our mission is to promote Fair Trade and ethical finance as tools for the international cooperation. We seek our goal trough the management of two worldshops, special places where is possible to buy Fair Trade products, to ask about the history behind them, to participate to the construction of a different economy.Moreover, Pangea-Niente Troppo is strongly committed to development education. During the years, we have put a lot of effort in the territory, working with the students and the teachers of several schools in Rome. At the same time, we developed partnerships with other European NGOs and coordinated four co-financed projects by the European Commission (PFA included). Thanks to those projects, we managed to produce didactical and promotional materials that constitute useful tools for trainers, students and teachers. www.commercioequo.org

Consortium member:

Gaia Education Centre, Thessalonica, Greece GAIA EDUCATION CENTRE is a non-government and non-profit organization founded in 1992 in Thessaloniki. It mainly deals with Development, Environmental and European Education. Its activities include in-service teacher seminars and workshops, adult workshops on global issues, national and international conferences, educational visits and exchanges, education materials. co-ordination of the Global Education Week (initiated by the Council of Europe/ North-South Centre), establishment of a Development Resource Centre etc. Particularly, for the inter-european project "Enjoying Development Education" in 1999, GAIA was granted the "Worldaware Award" by the Council f Europe/ North-SouthCentre. GAIA's work is particularly assisted by a teachers network titled "New Educational Pesrspectives" with headquarters in Thessaloniki and branches in Athens and many other Greek areas. www.gaiaec-nep.com

European Partner:

Koperattiva Kummerc Gust, Valletta, Malta Koperattiva Kummerc Gust is a fair trade, social cooperative, founded in 1996. Its main activities regards development ducation, focusing on fair trade – enhances training to its members and offers educational sessions and workshops in schools and youth groups. Koperattiva Kummerc Gust runs one worldshop in the centre of Valletta, called L-Arka. It participate to the meetings of IFAT, IFAT Europe Group and Ctm altromercato as a member. It is also a member of the Maltese NGDO Platform, through which it has benefited from a lot of capacity building training. Indeed, Koperattiva Kummerc Gust regularly sets up events that generate interest on a national level and which are attended by members of the civil society, political representatives, religious representatives, the media and the general public. The Koperativa encourage informal learning using its website regularly and extensively, and it also publishes articles about fair trade, fighting poverty and ethical consumerism.www.l-arka.org

Society for Fair Trade and Development Education, Brno, Czech Republic

The Society for Fair Trade and Development Education was founded in October 2003 with the objective to raise awareness of the Czech public about working, social, environmental and economical conditions of production in the global South and about Fair Trade as one of the positive alternatives. SFTDE has been actively involved in awareness raising, campaigning and educational activities since its foundation. A good cooperation has been established with many NGOs, schools, universities. SFTDE established three active local volunteer groups in Prague, Brno and Olomouc and is involved in several projects of development education and awareness raising. Committed volunteers of SFTDE also run two worldshops in Brno and Prague. The main strengths of SFTDE are (i) trained and motivated volunteers (who are able to tackle complex tasks), (ii) motivated staff recruited from its volunteers (iii) support of and continuous cooperation with many organizations from the field of development education, environmental education, voluntary activities etc., (iv) rich experience in public debates, information stands, workshops (aimed mainly at the introduction of Fair Trade), (v) cooperation with several schools which are expected to get involved in the project.


Associação Reviravolta, Porto, Portugal

Reviravolta is a Portuguese NGO, founded in 2000 with the mission to promote Fair Trade. We manage 3 worldshops in Porto and promote several educational activities, campaigns and procurement on Responsible Consumption, Education for Development, Millennium Development Goals, Human Rights and Fair Trade. We are composed by more than 100 associates and 40 commited volunteers. Reviravolta is a founder member of the Portuguese Fair Trade Coordination and of Equação, the first Portuguese Importer of Fair Trade."http://reviravolta.comercio-justo.org

Italian Partners:

Coop. soc. Mondo Solidale, Ancona, Italy

Mondo Solidale is committed to international cooperation with countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa trhough Fair Trade. Every day in its 15 worldshops, the cooperative offers the Fair Trade products to its members and the consumers. Mondo Solidale buys the majority of these products from the Italian Fair Trade Import Organizations. A smaller part is imported directly. In 2004, Mondo Solidale opened a regional warehouse with the aim of increasing the direct import and start up new import projects. The goals of Mondo Solidale are: realizing meaningful partnerships with the Fair Trade producers; proposing a change in the daily lifestyle of the members and the customers of the worldshops; studying the causes of the actual condition of the planet, reporting the responsibilities, building an alternative to the ongoing development model. www.mondosolidale.it

Associazione La Tortuga, Padova, Italy

La Tortuga supports an economy of justice and equity, promotinh economical relationships based on the human dignity and the construction od participated and multi-cultural society. Fair Trade and Ethical Finance are coinceived as concrete means to change the international economic mechanisms theat cause million people's poverty. It organizes educational and cultural activities, in cooperation with FairTrade-Transfair Italia and other organizations from the civic society. www.latortuga.net

Finis Terrae, Bari, Italy

Since 2001, Finis Terrae is partner of the National Ssystem for the protection of refugees and asylum seekers, coordinated by the National Association of Italian Town halls (ANCI). The program gives social welcome and orientation to asylum keepers and refugees that stay in second reception structures of the national territory. Finis Terrae has participated to several local projects in the areas of Bari, Lecce and Foggia, taking care of the legal assistance and work support. It is also committed to education in human rights, intercultural activities and fight to racism, carrying out trainings with students and grassroots organizations. finis.terrae@libero.it

Further collaborations: Unsolomondo, Bari, Italy

Finis Terrae has a long history of cooperation with the Fair Trade organization Unsolomondo, that runs 2 worldshops in Bari. Unsolomondo was established in 1993 and is strongly committed with development education, organization of events related to the promotion of Fair Trade, critical consumption and North/South relations. Unsolomondo will give a stronger local diffusion to the projects' activities. www.unsolomondo.org