New Youth Initiative Project for KKĠ

KKĠ has embarked upon a new Youth Initiatives project for 2009. The project entitled "Fresh Minds for a New World" seeks to raise awareness about the North-South divide, with special focus on Fair Trade as a recognized tool for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Through the project we shall be:

a. producing a series of posters that will educated the public about the 8 MDGs established by all governments at the UN and the ways in which Fair Trade helps achieve the MDGs,

b. organizing Fair Trade seminars in community and youth groups,

c. holding events related to Fair Trade and the MDGs in Gozo, and

d. receiving support to organize our annual WorldFest activity.

Sub-committees will be formed to coordinate different aspects of the project. Anyone interested in participating in any of these sub-committees is more than welcome.

Schools, local youth, community or church groups wishing to have a seminar about Fair Trade and the MDGs organized in their premises are encouraged to get back to us.

The contact person for this project is:

John Axiak

79831114 / 21315562


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