Fair Trade in Schools Project

1. Youth Initiative (Subaction 1.2 from the Youth in Action Programme);

2. Duration of the Project: 01.05.2012 – 30.04.2012 (1 year);

3. Funds acquired: 6,150 Euro

The aim of this year-long project is to promote Fair Trade as a means to overcome poverty in the Global South by mobilizing young people in schools and youth groups throughout the Maltese islands, including Gozo, to become active citizens in the field of poverty-related issues.

Work with Schools and Youth Groups

Through this project we will be encouraging schools and youth groups to start their own activities relating to Fair Trade and Sustainable Development in the South. This can take place through various means, such as organizing a small Fair Trade sale or including the theme of workers‘ rights in arts/drama/teathre or producing otherartistic material relating to Fair Trade and sustainable development.

Schools and Youth Groups that are interested in this project should kindly contact us on education@l-arka.org.

Main Project Activities

Through this project we will be able to encourage youths to work on the global challenges of the North-South Divide in creative and non-formal ways, thus establishing a widespread, sustainable Fair Trade network in Malta.

The project will enable KKG to also carry out the following activities in conjunction with the project:

1. Worldfest (WF), taking place in Valletta (Upper Barrakka Gardens)

2. Fair Trade Christmas Activity In Valletta (Merchant Street)