Interview with Carlo Alberto Devechi:

1. Why did you decide to apply for an EVS program?
To be honest one of my primary motivations to joining the EVS programme is because I wanted to improve my English, with the goal to find a good job when go back to Italy. Also, I wanted to have an experience of living abroad, to discover myself and to help the association to promote Fair Trade ideas.

2. Did EVS in Malta meet up with your expectations?
Yes, it has been just like I expected. I enjoy volunteering here with Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust! Also, since second official language in Malta is English, I think I speak English a lot better now!

3. You are coming from Italy. On your opinion, what is the main difference between Italy and Malta?
There aren’t many differences between Malta and Italy, so in a way I felt like home from the first day. Also, I think that, since this is an island, people are more relaxed here. I would really like to live like the Maltese.

4. What is your favourite memory during your EVS?
I will always remember Christmas Market! It was an event made by KKG, it was very interesting, dynamic and I had a lot of opportunities to speak with people. Additionally, this event was organized in a fantastic place like Sliema!

5. What is your plan for the future? Do you think that EVS can help you to achieve your aims?
My plan after I return to Italy is to seek for a job. I’m really sure this experience helped me a lot, because I feel I am more mature now. Also, I developed working habits and my attitude towards work is different! My experience with KKĠ will enrich my curriculum viatea.

6. How would you describe other EVS volunteers who are now in Malta with you?
I love all the volunteers that have worked with me: all of them are so polite, nice, enthusiastic, creative and very kind. Also, my flatmates made a huge impact on my experience here. After a while, we started to feel like a small family.

7. Do you have a message for those who are not sure whether or not to apply for an EVS program?
I encourage everyone to have an experience like this, because it can help you to grow up, to explore an island, learn new things, share knowledge and meet new cultures and habits. And last, but not least – if you need extra help with improving language EVS is more than useful!

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