Interview with Jelena Buvach

Educational background: Sociology
Likes: Black and white movies, cats, stand up comedies, chocolate

Why did choose Koperattiva Kummerc Gust for your EVS?
- My professional background is in human right and I am mostly into issues relating to human trafficking. Since Fair Trade relates to the exploitation of people and modern slavery, this choice was a logical step.

What are the things you like in this project?
- I enjoy activities where we are in direct contact with citizens about Fair Trade, whether asking if they are aware of the concept or explaining it. It is interesting for me to hear the words from the community. Besides that, I like the idea of an EVS – great opportunity for young people to explore, share, learn and travel.

How do you find life in Malta? What do you like most and what would you like to be changed in Malta?
- I fell in love with this country the first time I came to Malta. It is truly beautiful. Water always makes me calm and happy, so living in an island is perfect for me. I like Maltese language and I will like to learn it. Also, the fact that everybody speaks English is great, since it is easier to communicate with people. I got the impression that people in Malta are very nice, relaxed and peaceful. When it comes to the last part of your question, I would like few laws concerning human rights to be changed here.

What things have you discovered about yourself since the start of your project?
- During my EVS experience I became aware of many other cultures which exist. The different cultures and all the beauty in diversity is for a lot of sociologists, such as me, a true passion.

You live with 2 more people from different countries. What do you think about them? Were they strange for you from the beginning?
- They were not strange for me, but it can be challenging to live with people you do not know, their habits, characters etc. I think conversation is crucial and from the beginning I was trying to communicate. I think this was very successful in our case. To illustrate – I am sure I will meet Luca, my lovely flat mate, in Italy after this EVS project, since we already talked about that. Also, I think living with different people is one part of growing up and I embrace every opportunity to grow and change myself.

Do you have a lot of organizations or activists in your country concerned about ethical consumption or related issue?
- We have a lot of organizations and activists, some of them are working on similar problems. I will probably connect with them after I go back home.