Ask Lidl

As part of the Make Fruit Fair Campaign we working hard to pressure Lidl to sell Fair Trade fruit and promote good working conditions for its suppliers!

We need your help in this campaign and I’m writing to encourage you to promote the actions with your friends. The online action will be from Thursday 18th of May until Sunday 21st May and we strongly encourage you to participate.

We are inviting the public to ask Lidl questions relating to human rights and sustainability on Lidl's Facebook pages. You can post your questions on the International Lidl page, as well as the local Lidl Malta page, always using the hashtag #asklidl.

Through the Make Fruit Fair Campaign, Koperattiva Kummeċ Ġust and its partners have been targeting different fruit companies and retailers in the fruit sector, which have leverage on workers’ rights. This was carried out both in Malta and abroad. At the moment we are focusing on Lidl because it is the most widely spread supermarket chain in Malta and Europe.

We believe that if we manage to change Lidl, other supermarket will have to follow. Hence continuous pressure needs to be exerted on big retailers to ensure fairer supply chains.

On the 18th of May we need to show Lidl that there are hundreds of people concerned with their conduct and their lack of responsibility towards humans who work in unfair conditions on fruit plantations, such as those producing bananas.

We urge you to help us in our cause and ask you to post on Lidl’s Facebook International and Lidl Malta pages, questioning Lidl about worker’s rights. We encourage you to post your own questions or one of the below suggestions:

  • On banana plantations people are often exposed to toxic pesticides @lidl Health is a Human Right. How does Lidl protect it? #asklidl
  • On banana plantations in Ecuador, members of trade unions are often discriminated against and dismissed @lidlmalta What will you do to protect Workers' Rights? #asklidl
  • Many LIDL supermarkets around Europe supply Fair Trade banana @lidlmalta When will you offer this in Malta? #asklidl
  • Tropical Fruit workers that work the most, earn the least @lidlmalta you have the power to raise people out of poverty. Will you do it? #asklidl

We take this opportunity to inform you that Lidl is taking notice of the Make Fruit Fair Campaign. Your support is likely to be more valuable that you think – and please share this campaign with others!

I wish to inform you that we have an album of photos from Worldfest, we will also be posting another album with photos taken as part of the #asklidl action from tomorrow 18th May on our page.

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