Let's do it! Take part to the clean-up of the Mediterranean on the 10th-11th May!

On the 10th and 11th May 2014, an international clean-up will take place in more than 22 Mediterranean countries to collect as much floating, underwater and land garbage as possible. Malta is joining the clean up to raise awareness and demonstrate that even huge problems can be solved by working together. The clean-up will be located in different areas in Malta, Gozo and even Comino (where we are planning a “zero-waste festival”). It will be based on both land and sea, with the help of divers, canoeists and boats.

What is Let’s Do It World?

Let's Do It started in 2008, in the Baltic country of Estonia where a small group of people met and had a vision of a clean country free of trash. It was time for change; it was time to clean all the country in just one day. This gave birth to one of the fastest-expanding global civic movements in history, Let’s Do It! That year 50,000 volunteers participated in a nation wide clean-up. Since then other countries have followed through with the same model - mass citizen engagement in national clean-up actions on a single day. To date, about 9 million volunteers have participated in Let’s Do It! actions and the network has spread to 110 countries.

Join the initiative!

Forthcoming Events:

Climate change & Pemaculture

PRESS RELEASE: Permaculture & Climate Change – Information Evening

The Forum for Global Issues (FGI) in collaboration with Koperattiva Kummerc Gust shall be organizing an informative evening about the impact of climate change on agriculture and a discussion on whether agricultural practices such as permaculture offer a sustainable alternative to agriculture.

The informative sessions will be held at Bahrija Oasis, the Permaculture Research Foundation in Bahrija on Friday 19th July at 7pm. The first part of the activity will focus on an onsite demonstration of permaculture practices taken in Bahrija Oasis. This will be followed by a discussion about the impacts of climate change on agriculture. Drinks and finger food will be served afterwards.

FGI shall be providing free transport from Valletta for the event at 5.30pm. However anyone who is interested in making use of this service should kindly contact Lucie Semanska by email lucie.semanska@gmail.com or phone79443768.

This activity is funded by the EUPA 1.2 Youth Initiative Programme Carbon as part of the ‘Carbon Diet’ Project.


Fair Trade as a norm

I Shop Fair: Fairtrade Fast Becoming the Norm?

According to two reports by Fairtrade International (www.fairtrade.net) the number of Fairtrade certified goods is still still on the increase and there are no signs of it slowing down. Indeed from 2010 to 2011 there was a 10% increase in number of total fairtrade producer organizations worldwide and 13 % increase in number of total farmers and workers involved in fairtrade. The reports being cited in this article are:

1. Monitoring Report 2012, available on:

www.fairtrade.net/fileadmin/user_upload/content/2009/resources/2012-Monitoring_report_web.pdf; and

2. Let’s make Fairtrade the norm, available on:

Fairtrade brings many benefits to peope in developing countries. In the first report it was argued that “one of the ways in which Fairtrade contributes most strongly to rural development is by giving farmers and workers a unique opportunity to plan, design, and implement development projects for their communities through participatory decision-making processes“. However in order for fairtrade to become the norm more important person need to become involved in fair trade other that the producer, which of course is you, the consumer.


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