Urgent Action - Unfair Dismissal of Union Leaders in Peru

Through the Make Fruit Fair! project, Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust is shedding light on a great injustice being carried out against agricultural workers employed by TALSA in Peru.

All nine members of the executive committee of the SITETSA (Sindicato De Trabajadores Empresa Talsa) union were sacked in February this year by their employers, the agribusiness company TALSA in Peru. Two former union members were also dismissed.

TALSA not only refuses to recognise the small union SITETSA but also fails to recognise FENTRAIR which is a federation (Federacion Nacional De Trabajadores Del Sector Agrario, Industria, Riego y Similares Del Peru) to which SITETSA belongs.

These dismissals occurred at the time when negotiations should have begun to renew the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the company and the union and was purposefully done because TALSA does not want to increase wages. Union members believe that the company is working to criminalise trade union activities in order to destroy their union and stop it defending workers' rights.

SITETSA general secretary Santos Celestina Carranza is requesting international support for their demand that TALSA reinstate these unfairly dismissed workers. She is one of those sacked.

Please sign the email to the General Manager of TALSA calling on them to reinstate the sacked workers and begin renegotiation of their Collective Bargaining Agreement.