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As part of the PRICE project Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust assisted its partners in collecting data on ethical financial and entities promoting fair trade or solidarity economic activity in Malta for the GO-FAIR mobile app intended to help consumers know about ethical business activity in Europe. The mobile application was launched in May 2015 during the Milan Fair City (World Fair Trade Exhibition) while all partners in the project were all partners of the project were present for the conclusion of the PRICE project as well as to give an award to one of the most active ethical financial institution in Europe.

About the App

The GO-FAIR app is what you need to find out about ethical finance and fair trade around you or in any place in Europe. You can SEARCH on the MAP where the nearest ethical banks of finance institutions are, where the closest fair trade shop or place that sells fair trade products or restaurant, café or catering service using fair trade products.

GO-FAIR is much more: it offers the possibility to LEARN about ethical finance and fair trade with examples, facts and figures, infographs and short guides.

You can also PLAY and find out what your attitude and knowledge levels with the QUIZ. The GO-FAIR app also features NEWS from around Europe and the world on developments and new initiatives to change and make the economic and trade systems better, by putting people and the environment before profit and respecting human rights.

It also has an EVENTS calendar, which will be an important feature as new organisations join in. Users can add new places, which will be screened for verification. Organisations can also add news and events. By shopping and acting ethically, we can all send a strong message for change and help support the practices that make our world a better place to live in.

The GO-FAIR app is a joint initiative of several non profit organisations and networks under the PRICE (Promoting Responsible Investment and Commerce in Europe) project, financed by the EU commission. The information and references in the app are sourced by the partners following the principles of Fair Trade (by the World Fair Trade Organisation) and of Ethical Finance (by the FEBEA – Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks in Europe). For more information: www.thepriceproject.org


Members from Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust Meet Represenatives from APS Bank

On the 21st April, Marthese Formosa, Miguel Buttigieg and John Axiak from Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust met two representatives from APSBank in Malta to discuss the ethical banking values of APS Bank.

The shareholder of APS Bank is the Catholic Church of Malta and the bank started its activities way back in 1910 with the aim of encouraging the working classes to start ‘saving habits’. In November 2006 the Bank became admitted as a member of the Federation of Alternative Banks (FEBEA).

APS Bank promotes itself to be “an entity that promotes ethical, social and economic development. APS Bank’s business decisions are taken with these concepts in mind and are reflected in how they service their customers, develop our products and services, and treat staff members”. During the meeting with representatives from APS Bank members of Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust quizzed Ms. DeBattista and Mr. Gatt about the meaning of this statement and what in practices does this statement mean for the bank.

The work of APS Bank in publishing academic papers books, brochures and fliers for the public on the meaning ethical investment was highlighted during the meeting. To date APS Bank has published a set of 11 collection of papers on Ethics and Finance which discuss moral, social and environmental issues in financing and business. Most of the papers are available on the banks' website and some are specific to issues concerning the Maltese islands. Following such a description information it was revealed that APS bank has internal procedures that exclude financing certain business, such as that of gaming and all activities relating to weapons. Moreover the bank has a positive criteria list which it encourages financing in these sectors.

During the meeting members of the cooperative also presented the work of the cooperative particularly that of raising awareness about ethical and responsible consumption. In this way the members explained the activities behind the PRICE project particularly the educational activities involved, the public seminar, the PRICE mobile application as well as the publications made through the project.


Ethical Capital

Fair Trade has the ability to change the lives of disadvantaged workers in the poor countries of the world. It gives people the real possibility of working their way out of poverty. By being a member of Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust will allow you to ethically invest your money in an initiative that is already bringing many social benefits to people in Third World countries who earn a fair wage for their fairly traded goods.

The Ethical Capital scheme is being renewed as part of KKĠ's activities under the PRICE project which aims to raise awareness about the importance of Fair Trade and Ethical Finance and instruments to support southern producers through microcredit and development cooperation projects.

As a member you will be joining a growing number of Maltese citizens who are helping workers in poor and unfavourable conditions make a respectable living and improve the educational, sanitary and social structure they live in.

Your investment will allow us to meet our next targets, which include:

  • Increase tenfold the current market share of Fair Trade coffee within 3 years
  • Set up Fair Trade educational projects in 10 local secondary schools within 3 years
  • Relocate the site of our Fair Trade shop to a more central position within 8 years

In order to attain these targets and maintain the constant educational programmes promoting the benefits of Fair Trade Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust has invested in the work of its first two part-timers. We believe in Fair Trade and we believe in what we do. So can you.

As a member of the cooperative you can invest from 50€ or 100€ or 500€ or a 1000€. The sky is the limit. And if you need them, you can take them back, anytime.

For a membership form or for more information, you can:

write to kkg@maltaforum.org - l-arka@maltaforum.org

visit the world shop L-Arka, 306, Triq San Pawl, il-Belt Valletta

phone us on 2124 4865 or 2131 5562.



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