Enlarging Fair

Project Description

The "Enlarging Fair Trade Project" is a EuropeAid Project with participants from Czech Republic (Society for Fair Trade), Italy (Agices, CTM Altromercato, Pangea-Niente Troppo), Slovakia (FAIRTRADE Slovakia), Slovenia (Umanoterra) and Hungary (Project The Future). Pangea-Niente Troppo is the lead organization of the project.

The project's objectives are to:

(1) raise awareness on Fair Trade and Interdependence between North and South;

(2) improve cooperation between European Fair Trade organisations,

(3) produce new materials especially for schools and

(4) enhance awareness among consumers and the general public.

The main activities of the project relate to the creation of educational "multipliers' package" that concerns 3 main thematic areas in relation to Fair Trade, being:

(1) Educational Activities,

(2) Campaigns, and

(3) Rules and criteria.

These correlate to the three specific target groups of the project that are:

(1) volunteers,

(2) students and

(3) general public, consumers in particular.

The thematic areas are linked to each other and will be based on a "Learn and do" process. These are made up of 4 seminars/workshops on each specific area. Besides, the project includes two general meetings, one launching the project and an evaluation meeting at the end. The activities aim at sharing experiences and knowledge from an "old member state" (Italy) where Fair Trade is quite well developed and involve actions that facilitate exchanges and experiences and networking between European NGOs.

During the project there will be the design and implementation of a common campaign to be conducted in all the participating countries around the theme of the Right to Food.
In Malta the Campaign relating to food will be launched as "Kieku L-Ikel Jitkellem" (If Food Could Speak).

Through this project we expect to produce an Education Package that will focus on the production of a Didactical Kit (video & booklet) and on the production of an educational interactive and creative tool.

Through this campaign there will be:

  • a campaigning package that will focus on the design and implementation of a common campaign (production of leaflets and materials),
  • Fair Consumers Guide,
  • the launch of a common campaign and organisation of a joint event,
  • the promotion of Fair Trade and sustainable consumption and
  • involvement of local organisations.