Make Fair Trade Greener (Estelle)

Though not all modes of transport are equally carbon-intensive transport is one of leading causes of global warming. Through the Estelle project (2007-2008) KKĠ teamed up with partners from Finland (Uusi Tulli), Italy (Pangea and Libero Mondo) and Greece (Gaia) in an effort to shed light upon the problem of Green House Gases emitted by transportation and to support green ways of shipping products.

Uusi Tulli owes a steel-hulled 53-metre sailing ship originally built for North Sea trawl fishing. Before being converted into a Fair Trade vessel (uses solely recycled fuels and is powered largely by wind), she spent about fifteen years hauling gravel from Vuolahti to Helsinki.

Through this project Uusi Tulli transported various Fair Trade items on the Estelle ship, thus have Fair Trade goods being transported without contributing to Global warming.

KKĠ, like other partners in the project, organized educational campaigns in their respective countries to raise awareness about the Fair Trade and the important ecological problems that are a concern to all countries. KKĠ visited over 12 schools and worked with around 600 pupils for educational seminars lasting up to 5 hours.

Through the Estelle project Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust had the opportunity to welcome to Malta an Ecuadorian producer (Maria Luz) from from MCCH, Ecuador. Full Story Here